Controversial socialite Nicole Batate is dishing out advice on how women can successfully hunt, win and effortlessly date married men.

According to the socialite who has been labeled “struggling” by Kenyans for her need of attention and fame, women should first know a few rules before they go for a married rich man.

She advised ladies that they shouldn’t be scared by Sharon Otieno’s recent death but continue to focus on getting these rich guys despite the risks.

“Ladies don’t let Sharon’s death scare you to the point of dating these broke ass niggas! All you need is play smart and follow the rules! 1: no unwanted pregnancies- a married man can only want a child outside if one,” she said.


“His wife doesn’t have any or has only one sex and he needs another (I mean a boy or a gal). 2: never ever threaten them! Remember they are powerful than you and most rich and powerful will do all it takes to protect their names. 3: be nice always – that’s what most of them lack back there at home so be as nice as possible even if you’re faking it..Make him feel better all the time.”

Her remarks comes after the murder of the 26-year-old Rongo University student who  was involved in an illicit affair. Women have come out to warn younger ladies to avoid shortcuts because they usually have a price in the end.



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