Gospel singer Jimmy Gait was shocked on Monday after appearing for a tv interview with comedian and Nacada director Chipukeezy when a lady ‘disrupted’ the show claiming she loves the singer.

The lady was then handed the microphone to speak out what really brought her there.

“I’m here for Jimmy. I want Jimmy. I’ve been following you. You know I’m in love with you but why do you keep on ignoring me.Kama ungenipatia chance,hatungekua hapa” She said

She went on to express her feeling to the singer stating;

“Why do you keep on doing this to me?Jimmy nakupenda and I want the whole world to know.Stop ignoring me.I know what I want and I’m gaoing after it”

Well, most fans were not convinced terming it fake and stage managed.Fans questioned how the lady was allowed to the studio.

Check out their reactions below;

Diana Kinyua Looks fake to me. This ain’t a live show so if they wanted to, they could’ve gotten her out the moment she stepped up there.

Akinyi Cherry Something tells me they have had a more intimate situation together, her confidence is on another level..this is not just another stalker fan

Geek Geek This looks stage managed.

victor mugo 4:02..someone actually said it’s stage managed… Hahahaa

Oliver Osir Scripted?

dean king Poor acting.

Apparently Samuel Stage managed aki ???

Check out the video below

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