Size 8 Speaks Out On Separation Rumors, Puts An End To The Speculations


Late last week, a rather interesting story ran on one of the local blogs claiming that Size 8 and Dj Mo’s marriage was on the rocks and that they had even separated a couple of weeks back after Size 8 discovered her husband was cheating on her.

This was unexpected considering this is one celebrity couple that seems to have it all together as far as their marriage and family is concerned. As expected, the record would be set straight once the rumors get to the Murayas.

Size 8 has since come out to clear the air on the allegations saying they have not separated and she was very much in love with her husband.

In one of the interviews with eDaily, Size 8 said;

“My marriage to DJ Mo is steadfast. I do not know the genesis of the reports claiming that Mo and I have separated. We still live in the same house, we still love each other. I am used to gossip being created around my life. When I got saved four years ago, I trended for a whole week on social media, with some quotas claiming, then, that my salvation was not genuine. I proved them wrong over time. Currently, I am an ambassador of an initiative known as Pima Pressure, and today (May 13), I posted a video on Instagram about the campaign; and toward the end of the video, if you watch it, you’d hear my husband, DJ Mo, speaking to me. That is enough evidence to counter allegations that we are not together as had been reported.”

She has also explained why she does not wear her wedding ring saying she gained weight thus the ring can’t fit her at the moment but she is working on fixing that.

Its everyone’s to see marriages prosper and so we wish them nothing but the best in theirs.

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