Singer Karen Lucas aka Kaz wants people bombarding her with questions on when she’s going to be a mother to take a chill pill.

The singer and actress took to social media to share that she loves children but is not really interested in having one. She complained that people have been bothering her, asking when she’ll become a mother and from the look of things, it has pissed her off.

“People really struggle to understand me when I say I don’t want children. I love all the children around me that all my people have already blessed me with. But it’s also okay for people not to want children or the things you think women need to have based on your social construct mind,” she said on Instagram. 

The Former Tusker Project Fame star also asked people with such questions to try and first look into why the particular person doesn’t have a kid before they start judging.

“Not everyone wants the same things which is why we can be different. And not everyone is capable of having children, so next time you feel the need to pressure ask someone about the decisions they make with their bodies, just remember the world doesn’t revolve around your ideals,” she said. 


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