Singer Akothee has come out to curse the D that made her a mother before she could start her modelling career.

Akothee is always proud of the fact that she is a mother.She doesn’t care what you think or say about the number of children she has.


Akothee this time took to social media with a post talking about the sad truth that she was not able to practice being a model because she became a mother too soon

In the post she wrote;

So this thing , hii kitu hii 🙄🙄🍆 made me a mother before I even tried modeling even for 1 day wasted talent nkt rolling @wolperstylish 😂🤣😂🤣 mmmm nkt 🍆🍆 hi kitu ni mbaya mbaya, imebaki kuonea modeling yuyube 😭😭

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Akothee also finds pride in her money, her house and her gorgeous body. For a mother of 5, it is not easy to keep up with your body but Akothee is an exception for sure.



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