Siamese Twins Blessings and Favour Separated at KNH Finally Discharged After 2 and a Half Years


After what seemed like forever, twins Favour Karimi and Blessings Kathure were finally discharged from Kenyatta hospital on Thursday 15th June 2017 after two and a half years of specialized medical care. The twins who were born conjoined at the sacral region of the lower spinal cord were separated by a team of sixty doctors in November 2016.

The twins and their mother finally made their trip to their home in Meru in an ambulance for the first time in almost three years. Their mother was elated that her girls could finally live normal lives after the surgery which amounted to over 5 Million Kenyan shillings that was paid in full by the health insurance together with KNH.

One of the consultant pediatricians at the hospital said that they will keep monitoring the babies to ensure they are okay.

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