Shock As Popular Actress Confesses Of Carrying Out Several Abortions


Abortion is not only a crime but also a sin, in fact a very BIG sin. Nothing or no reason can ever justify the need to abort, save for when a life is in danger. While it is a sin, countless ladies and young girls have found themselves in situations where they had to do away with innocent ‘beings’. Talking about it is also taboo lest you are trying to impart knowledge. People who have aborted would never like to share about the experience but not famous Tanzanian actress, Aunty Ezekiel who is married to one of Diamond Platnumz’s dancers, Mose Iyobo.


The actress shocked the world when she blatantly confessed, rather admitted to have carried out, not one abortion but several, that she cannot give count. This ,Aunty Ezekiel revealed while responding to her fan’s question on the number of abortion she has had, in an interview with East African TV’s show Kikaango cha EATV. The actress who has a daughter, Cookie admitted that she has carried out several abortions before but she cannot remember the exact number.

“Kutoa nishawahi, nikisema sijawahi nitakuwa muongo, ila kukumbuka ni mimba ngapi ndiyo tatizo,”Ezekiel confessed.

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