Shiro From Popular TV Series ‘Auntie Boss’, Shares Photos Of Her Baby Daddy


Nice Wanjeri, popularly known as Shiru from the sitcom Auntie Boss. Rose to fame due to her ‘shadyness’ and great acting skills in the show. Shiru acts as the house girl with a deep Kikuyu accent. Who works in a posh estate and always having drama between her and her employer.


She is a talented woman who has given many Kenyans a reason to keep up with the TV series. Most people will admit to watching the series only coz of Shiro. The rib cracking ‘mshamba’ house girl.

The show opened up other doors for the actress. She has also been featured in various shows that air in different TV stations.

Away from her TV life. Shiru aka Nice is a mother of a beautiful girl and a girlfriend to one handsome man she has been flaunting on her social media pages.

Rumours have it, that he goes by the name of Titus Wagithomo Wainaina. Who also happens to be her daughter’s daddy.

Take a look at photos of her handsome man below.

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