Shame As An Upcoming Socialite Fails To Raise Ksh 15,000 Bail


Most Kenyan socialites like Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika have made it clear that their profession is as lucrative as any other in the higher ranks. With clients who are ready to dish out more than a quarter a million for a night with a voluptuous Kenyan socialite,more girls as young as 17 years old have found themselves drawn closer to the perks that come with being one. For some reason, the Kenyan public has been led to believe that all socialites are rich. However ,a self proclaimed socialite cum rapper recently proved otherwise after failing to secure her freedom because she couldn’t pay up a Ksh 15,000 bail.

The upcoming Nairobi socialite known for her numerous nudes and acres of body art became the subject of online mockery because she couldn’t afford to bail herself out from the hands of police who had nabbed her. According to our highly placed source, the socialite who is also a rapper had been arrested in her neighborhood by police on patrol who locked her up for 2 days.

While to be broke is normal for anyone but a socialite, the petite but sexy Nairobian lass could not raise a Ksh 15,000 bail posed on her by the police. Since she couldn’t raise the cash despite her incessant flaunting of her ‘Uptown life’ on social media, her close friends had to jump in by calling for a ‘mini-harambee’ on Facebook to raise bail for the ‘loaded’ socialite.

She was later released thanks to her friends but many wondered how she could not afford to raise Ksh 15,000 for her bail considering her ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Her case brought to light the double lives some of our so called ‘celebrities’ live and also served as an eye opener.

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