Sending Money From USA to Kenya is Now Fast and Free Thanks to SawaPay


Technology has really come a long way, gone are the days when one needed to wait for days to withdraw money sent to them from diaspora or go through a third party to get te cash. Sending money to your loved ones, paying bills, transferring money to different bank accounts from abroad has now been made easy thanks to SawaPay.

SawaPay is an instant money transfer application method that enables one send money at the touch of a button at zero fees. Users of SawaPay living in the United States can now transfer money directly to Kenya and Uganda via MPESA, Airtel money, MTN mobile money, Paybill or to bank accounts instantly saving on time and money.

With the application never will you have to worry about transfer fees, transfer speed, or queuing to sign papers so as to withdraw funds. With more Kenyans living in diaspora investing back home this is undoubtedly the best approach especially in times of emergencies.

The application available for download both on Google Play and iOS App Store. So next time you’re behind on bills, school fee or just want to send money to a loved one, remember SawaPay has got your back.¬† For more information about this product check out their website here¬†

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