The drama between Vera Sidika and musician Otile Brown hit another high (or low) last weekend when the two put in public their money fights and many people called it planned drama after Otile went ahead and released a new track. This was the second time the couple had broken up and both times, it was followed by a new song from Otile.

Niaje has exclusively learned that Vera Sidika has actually been to the studio and recorded a song and is about to release it! The video is being shot today according to our reliable source and the song heard by Niaje is a direct diss to Otile Brown and an expression of regret on why she dated him. The song could be titled “Nalia” but this is not confirmed. It includes lyrics that also suggest an abortion.

The slow song, mainly in Swahili seems to have copied Otile’s style of music but way below his standard of music. It is a song I would give a rating of 4 out of 10 especially knowing the motivation behind the song. The slow beat also makes it unlikely to gain major success in Kenyan clubs and while her fame might give it attention, my advise to her would be to stick to what she does best and ignore the music. But that is just my view, I could be wrong.

We could not obtain permissions publish the song but we shall keep you posted as we get more information.

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