Sarah Hassan Blasts Rumors And Sets The Record Straight About Her Marriage


Former Tahidi High actress, Sarah Hassan popularly referred to stage name, Tanya, finally tied the knot with her long time boyfriend, Martin Dale, in a super secret ceremony that took place in Amani Gardens, Karura Forest on February 25, 2017.

Well, nothing is really a secret, especially when you are a celebrity, so we definitely got a glimpse of the wedding with a few photos here and there.

Seems like the actress, is not happy newly wed, after she took to Instagram to blast rumors published about her on local news outlet, She wrote;

“I shall start by saying thank you for the congratulatory message but @sdekenya who is Mrs.Ndela?”

She then went on clear the air about the details of her marriage.

“So, I decided to just correct a few things that keep spiraling in the wrong direction.
1: The name is Dale not Ndela or Ndale.
2: He is NOT South African.
3: We are NOT relocating to South Africa
4: Our wedding footage/ rights to the footage has NOT been and will NOT be sold to a private production group!
#LoveAndLight” She wrote.

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