Niaje reported earlier in the week how dance hall star Redsan had a run in with long time friend and producer Sappy.

The two got into an altercation which resulted in Sappy getting a beating which left him calling for backup.

The Tanzanian producer has spoken as to why the two exchanged blows and as expected, it was about money. Or lack thereof.

The two had worked on Redsan’s album without discussing how the revenue would be shared. After the album was completed, Redsan went missing as he got busy promoting his upcoming launch. He wasn’t communicating with Sappy as to how the deal would pan out especially considering the artist is signed to Sony.

When Redsan finally got round to calling the producer, Sappy didn’t pick up forcing Redsan to look for him personally which is how he showed up at Sappy’s office.

Come Monday, he caught me off-guard as he showed up at my studio demanding to know why I did not receive his calls.Nikamuuliza ni nini bro? Mbona wakuja hivi? Sijapokea simu ni simu yangu, naeza pokea ama nisipokee.

Sappy insisted he’s not taking any legal action against the star for the assault but says he’s constituting a legal team to seek redress for his intellectual property in Redsan’s recently launched album.

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