Sanaipei Tande Mercilessly Trolled For Faking A Flat Tummy

sanaipei Tande

Nowadays, having a pot belly or a tummy is like having one of the most dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS. Ladies are going to greater heights to achieve wasp-like figures. Some do it the right way by hitting the gym, others go for products like slimming tea while others, as they say will try hard to fake it till they make it.

One of Kenya’s celebrated singing sensation and former radio personality Sanaipei Tande was recently grouped with those who are faking it after a photo of her and Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime surfaced. The singer, who once had a killer body has accumulated some weight over time. Her tummy was not spared either. However, Sanaipei tried really hard to hide her bulging tummy while posing for a photo with the Sauti Sol Member. In the photo, taken at an event held in Baricho road over the weekend, Sanaipei looked like she had sucked in her stomach to make it look flat and sexy.

She then posted the photo on her Instagram account but the response from her fans and a cross section of Kenyans was not good as they took to trolling her silly. Social media users noticed that her tummy was faked since it looked weirdly flat from other photos taken while she was on stage performing.

sanaipei Tande

sanaipei Tande

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