Salma Mbuvi Shares A Glimpse Of Her Sister’s New Born, Here’s The Baby’s Name (Photo)


Joy and happiness seems to have knocked on the the door of the Mbuvi family today, after the Nairobi Senator’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

The baby who isn’t more than a few hours old seems to have dropped a spell on all who have interacted with her. Her father, Saumu Mbuvi’s ex, Ben Gatu, took to social media to pour his heart out over his bundle of joy. He wrote;

“To my baby girl,Before you even entered the world, you were anticipated, loved, cherished, and wanted. Now that I can hold you in my arms, those feelings have multiplied tenfold. I look at you with complete wonder, melt with each coo you make, and fall deeper in love when you rest your tiny head on my hands. You are actually ours – our perfect gift from God — a precious life whom He has trusted to our care.”

Well, Salma Mbuvi wasn’t left behind as she took to her Instagram account to share what would be the most visible photo of the baby while revealing the baby’s name.

“Blessings she happen to be born a day before my birthday am glad to say am the luckiest auntie and mother and I believe it’s all Gods your aunt I will guide you…love you and spoil you @saumu_mbuvi7 congratulations darling and thank you for the best gift#babysasha”

There you have it ladies and gents, the newest celebrity kid off the block, is named Sasha.

Here’s a glimpse of baby Sasha:

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