Safaricom Employee Melts The Hearts of Kenyans After Literally Going Down on Her Knees To Serve a Disabled Man


Customer service week just ended after companies took time to appreciate their clients and customers by doing all sorts of good deeds for them. To some employees like one Miss Pauline a Safaricom employee, treating customers with humility isn’t a once in a lifetime thing.

A certain photo showing Pauline from a Nakuru branch Safaricom shop has been making rounds on the internet because of the selfless act she did. Unlike most employees who would disregard the physically disabled, she made sure she served the man like she would any other customer.

The man pictured has no limbs and no wheelchair to help him move around so she ad to go down on her knees to make sure his needs were attended to. The photo has worn the hearts of many Kenyans who have gone as far as tagging Bob Collymore asking him to consider her for a promotion.

Good deeds never go unrewarded and I sure hope the young lady will be recognized for her selfless act. 14731270_1822062274717910_8596030381468462249_n

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