Joseph Mochere Atandi better known as Okebiro O’mose commited suicide on Saturday morning after an arguemnt with his wife in their home at Imara Daima Estate, Nairobi.

According to new information that has now emerged, the comedian tried killing his family before he hanged himself.

“He was armed with a knife and had become wild as he threatened to kill anyone in the house,” said Teresa Moraa, the widow, in an interview with Standard.

A day before he killed himself, Mochere is said to have attempted to stab his brother and wife but they overpowered him. They however failed to snatch the knife he wanted to hurt them with a thing that left his wife leave for their rural home in Nyamira.

“I would be preparing to bury five people in my compound had it not been for the intuition of his wife and his brother, who had gone to negotiate for peace in the family,” said Mochere’s father Atandi Rabera yesterday.

According to the family, he left behind a suicide note giving a glimpse of some of the problems he had been facing with his wife. Their marriage had been struggling for almost four years.

“I have been patient enough but you have been stressing me for nothing. Take those children and look for another father who is not immoral and who has never seduced any lady. Goodbye,” read the note.

The letter also shared that the wife had blocked his calls and messages which devastated him.

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