Robert Alai Goes Ham On Raila Odinga’s Daughter Winnie Over A Photo


They say politics is a dirty game. True to the saying, Kenyan politicians have been throwing jabs at each other as they fight for supremacy and political mileage. Aspirants have not been left behind either. Controversial Kenyan blogger turned Embakasi MP Aspirant, Robert Alai Onyango has launched a scathing attack on Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie over a very trivial issue.

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Alai took issue with Winnie Odinga’s work as a ‘photographer’ after the latter captured a photo that had Raila Odinga ,his wife Aida and some members of their family. The vicious blogger, known for his loud mouth went ham on Winnie, calling her a failure since she couldn’t capture the photo as a professional, considering the fact that she boasts of two Masters in Media and Communication. Alai criticized Winnie’s work, adding that the background sold her out.

Alai shared the photo from Raila Odinga’s Facebook page and accompanied it with the following caption, or should I say attack.

”I thought Winnie Odinga is a photographer? Her dad said that she has two Masters in Media and Communication. But this is the best composition she could put on a photo of the man who aspires for the greatest office on this land?

Winnie, hauna game. This photo is destroyed by the background. You missed the chance. Rosemary Odinga‘s photographer should give you some lessons.

Awuoro!!! Ongee!!! Ok wabiyie!!!”Alai wrote.

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