Risper Faith and Mishi Take Their Drama to Social Media


Why do people always rush to social media to expose each other? Why wash your dirty line in public? I know publicity is good especially for the numbers and at times money but some things need to be solved in public.

Two socialites Risper Faith and Mishi have for w while now been arch rivals, I guess because of Rispers man. The two women yesterday decided to expose each others ‘dark’ ways on Instagram by posting screen shots of each others conversations..

Though Risper Faith deleted hers we got some that Mishi uploaded. Apparently Risper Faith is so desperate to get a baby with her man that she is looking for ways to conceive fast. According to the screen shots, the conversation between her and Bridget are about some herbal medicine that helps one conceive when need be.

This comes a few days after Bridget exposed Pendo calling her a cocaine addict and a husband snatcher.

Mess with my kids and you’ll see the devil in me land on you like lightning sent straight from trumph @ladyrisper” Mishi wrote

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