Rihanna Unfollows J Lo On Instagram, The Reason Is Intriguing


It seems Rihanna still has hots for American rapper Drake. This is after venturing into a tantrum session following the latter’s Instagram lovey dovey. Drake did not only surprise his worldwide fans with news about his budding romance with Jennifer Lopez but also his ex girlfriend, Rihanna who couldn’t handle the unfolding ‘Telenovela’, widely publicized on Instagram.

Rihanna could not bottle up her feelings as she let the world know what she thinks of Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s new Instagram relationship. Reports reaching out table intimates that Rihanna apparently unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, just moments after Drake posted a photo of himself and J.Lo, captioning it with a heart eye emoji and a note that read ‘lotta those’.

It may not be easy to tell exactly when Rihanna unfollowed J.Lo since Instagram does not offer notification for when one unfollows another person, but the act of unfollowing or unfriending someone is a clear way to let someone know exactly where they stand with you. Clearly ,Rihanna is not very happy with J.LO.

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