Revealed! This Is Why Visita Was Kicked Out Of Grandpa Records


Nickson Wesonga alias Visita is one of the most talented record producers in the country having worked on numerous hit songs in the country including Dumbala, Fimbo, Mapepo and Kamua Leo Remix among others .The producer cum rapper who has been working at Grandpa Records for a couple of years was unceremoniously shown the door by his boss, Refigah after the two could not agree on certain things including drug abuse and verbal diarrhea.

According to Visita who started his own label immediately after being fired from the Kibera based studio, Refigah and the entire Grandpa Records have been using him to enrich themselves and owe him money which they are not ready to remit to him. In numerous media interviews, Visita openly accused the label off many atrocities and even went ahead to insults former stable-mates in a leaked video. All this while, Refigah has been tight lipped about the whole drama but only came out recently to address the issue in an interview with a local publication.

For starters, Refigah accused Visita of running to social media and interviews to insult him and his artists. Since he couldn’t stand his former employee’s incessant attacks, Refigah decided to fire Visita in an email dated 13 September, terminating his three years service to the label. Refigah said he could not stand the bad mouthing, defamatory statements and false stories shared by Visita.

‘’I did not want to talk about the issue until he rushed to social media.I have family,friends,corporate clients and even young people who look up to me.Everytime I would get phone calls regarding utterances he had made and interviews he had granted talking ill of Grand Pa Records.When you keep quiet for too long there is pressure because people start wondering whether there is truth in some of those utterances’’He said.

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Refigah also blamed Visita for his own predicaments claiming the producer stopped delivering as agreed on their contract. All hell broke loose when Refigah started receiving calls from artist who would complain about their unfinished projects. Weed or marijuana also played part to Visita’s sacking. Refigah says that he would also receive several letters from the estate committee complaining about the smell of ‘strange smokables’ coming from the backyard of Grandpa Record’s compound where the producer used to hang out with his friends.

‘’I had meeting with him about it because it is kind of conduct that would affect the reputation of the label.It is very sad it had to end this way.He is a very talented producer and I respect him for that.He is someone I would have liked to go places with,but he is shiffty and unprincipled’’Refigah revealed.

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