Refigah’s Warm Birthday Message to His Son as He Turns 1


Grand Pa Records CEO Yusuf Noah, famously known as Refigah Heviweit has always kept his private life under wraps. Refigah, who owns one of the most successful record labels in Kenya, gave his fans a rare treat when he spoiled them with a sneak peek into his private space. The Grand Pa Records CEO took time to introduce his son, Sultan to the public as he turned 1.

Taking to social media,Refigah penned down a warm birthday message dedicated to his son Sultan, who shares a striking resemblance with his celebrity dad.


‘’There are so many places for you to see,so many people waiting to meet you. You’ll always have my blessing as you move forward with your life. Kindly help me wish the Apple of my eye ,my best friend ,my son sultan heviweit a happy 1st birthday, GOD bless you my son’’ Refigah posted.

Various local celebrities including Avril and Fred Omondi joined him in wishing Sultan a happy one in style.

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