Rapper Wangeci Back On Her Feet After Grisly Accident.

Wangeci ligi soo

One of the most talented local femcees, Wangeci last year suffered a major setback after she and a friend got involved in an accident best described as horrible. Wangeci lost her cousin who doubled up as a make up artist, she managed to escape with some serious injuries which doctors speculated could affect her ability to walk.

In a surprising twist of events, the rapper known for her delivery of heavy punchlines in Rabbit’s Ligi Soo remix, can now walk albeit not as she could before the accident. It can only be termed as miraculous seeing that her doctors had given her a very slim chance of ever walking again.

The video below serves as an inspiration to her fans and others in similar circumstances, one can only wait to hear what kind of music she will be releasing after she fully recuperates.

Here is the video.


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