Rapper Barrack has come out to explain the drama surrounding him after a clip emerged of him being beaten in his own house.

According to the rapper, a group of bitter artists followed him to his house after he failed to acknowledge them in a radio interview.

“Its beef, I’m popular and they not. I had just left from an interview on radio, they heard the interview. they went looking for me (at the studio), when they didn’t find me and they came into my house. In the radio interview, I denied Knowing who they were and they got pissed.They wanted me to acknowledge them. They are just some underground gangster rappers. Not really gangster but whatever they claim to be. They are guys looking for crowd,” said Barak.

Barak, who doubles up as a presenter at NRG Radio, was in his house when they pounced on him and gave him a dog’s beating

Although it is still not clear what caused the altercation, sources claim that the main reason for their disagreement stemmed from a diss track that had been released by Barak.


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