‘’Raila Odinga Won The 2007 Elections’’ SK Macharia


Politicians from two rivaling sides ODM and Jubilee are currently on each other’s case as they try to agree on the election law debate. According to Jubilee, Kenyans should use manual methods to vote in the upcoming general election. On the other hand ODM ,rather Cord are urging that IEBC should consider the use of new voting equipment to ensure that votes are not stolen, as experienced in the 20o7 general election ,where Kibaki became the president, ’flooring’ Raila Odinga who was given the Prime Minister position.

Cord got backing from Royal Media Services’ owner and chairman SK Macharia who held that IEBC should use modern equipment come 2017.It is while urging his point in parliament on Tuesday when he made some shocking claims which alleged that Raila Odinga in fact won the 2007 presidential election. This, he said while making a presentation on the controversial election law debate.

‘’The one who was declared the winner in 2007 was not the winner…We tracked all the results through satellite phones. As per my records, Raila won the elections.’’ SK Macharia said.

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However, his sentiments were challenged by Jubilee side which claimed that mobile coverage is not everywhere in the country, and that Al shabaab has time and again destroyed communication equipment.

Macharia urged his case on the use of technology and manual backup and said that the country can use satellite in areas not covered by mobile phone networks.

‘’Equipment does not break down. You have to stand by and replace them. You just need to plan properly and do what’s right for the country.’’ Macharia added.

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