Kiss 100 FM Breakfast Show presenter Shaffie Weru was a scared man once he learnt his lover then, Debbie Asila, was pregnant with his baby.

Weru, in an interview with Parents Magazine, said that he didn’t know how to go about it. He was still young and had no clue on parenting.

“I was 23, scared, confused and overwhelmed. I wanted to retreat. All that changed however when I held Milan. The partying had to stop, especially the first year. Not that I was sleeping, to begin with. Now I was just not sleeping, but because of different circumstances,” said Shaffie who now has three kids.

The Kiss 100 radio presenter has three kids. Two daughters Milan who is 13, Nia who is 4 and a boy who he adopted by the name Tyron who just turned 10.

Shaffie, Milan, Nia who is 4 and Tyron.

He went on tell the magazine that things got even harder after birth since Asila suffered from post-partum depression for close to a month.

“Debbie also suffered from post-partum depression for about a month. She was depressed, didn’t want to eat or go out. I didn’t know what was going on and didn’t understand what she was going through. It helped that our moms were there. When Nia came along, I was ready, in every sense of the word,”  he said.

The presenter also recently opened saying that he plans to leave zero inheritance to his kids so that they can learn how to hustle and finance themselves.

“Sometimes I go broke very badly but when I have money I spend it. Coz you never know what to expect tomorrow and I don’t want to be that guy that left money stashed in the mattress or in the bank,” he said.

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