Prezzo Flaunts His Stunning Latest Catch

CMB Prezzo
CMB Prezzo

From the get go El Presidente has always had an affinity to pick some of the finest lasses around. From his days with flawless Sheila Mwanyigha to  the flopped marriage to the beauty Daisy no  Kiplagat. He did go ratchet with one Huddah Monroe but to each his own.

His inability to retain the women though is on another level, with a messy divorce always lingering somewhere coupled with accusations of being a violent drug user, he still managed to start a relationship with the late Goldie.

All this not withstanding, he is back with an even hotter one and has no qualms showing her off.  It happens to be none other than Naz Nassir, will it work out or will it be another circus? Time will tell. In the meantime here are her photos.



Prezzzo chic

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