Pregnant Miss Karun Makes Shocking Revelation


After announcing she’s pregnant, former CampMulla member Miss Karun has comeback with another shocker.

The singer has opened up on why she came back to Kenya to give birth to her child and decided not to do it in the US.

This is the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me, in all directions – not just powerful positive or powerful. That (is) mother earth kind of energy. I can try explain it to you but also every woman’s pregnancy is different,” she said on social media.

In an interview with WGLiveNetwork’s online radio, she opened up further stating that carrying a baby is not easy at all.

“My first trimester was difficult. For most people it is difficult because you’re sick a lot. I went to Boston and I was by myself. I had to take long train rides to my apartment where I was living with people who weren’t very friendly, so that took a lot of strength,” she told the online radio station.”

“I don’t know where that strength comes from. It is like I have an extra reserve tank now, for when I feel depleted, it’s like ‘nope, you can keep going.’ I hope this is one of the things that stay into motherhood.”

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