Popular NollyWood Actor, Emeka Ike and His Wife Get Divorced


Divorce has become very common in today’s world. People fall in love and end up dissolving their marriages even after decades of being committed. Celebrities all over the world have been major victims of such cases in the past and they are still victims even today. NollyWood actor Emeka Ike is a popular face known by many people all over Africa and the world. He has been an actor for over 20 years and has made a name for himself through his talent.


Emeka Ike


He got married seventeen years ago to one Suzanne Emma and the couple together sired 4 kids. Their marriage has been shaky but divorce was not in the mention until the start of this month when their marriage was finally dissolved. Yesterday, a Lagos Island Customary Court, South West Nigeria annulled their marriage following a petition filed by Emma.


Emeka Ike and his wife


In her ptition, she accused Emeka of incessant beating, molestation, and torture which she could no longer persevere. However, the actor denied the claims and begged the court not to dissolve the marriage. He also made it known to the court that Suzanne had moved out of their home 5 times without any reason



According to pulse Nigeria, Emeka was granted full custody of their kids while Suzanne was granted unhindered access to them.

“From all evidence before the court, the marriage between the couple had broken down, and it is irreconcilable, consequently, the marriage is hereby dissolved,” said the Court.


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