Popular Luo Musicians In Trouble With Raila Supporters For Praising Uhuru


Two popular Luo musicians, Atomi Sifa and Ted Jakenya are a subject of criticism and attacks by a gang of Raila’s supporters who believe that the duo were wrong for singing a strongly worded song which criticised Raila and praised Uhuru.

In the 12 minutes song, Ted Jakenya is openly castigating Luos for wasting time following Raila while he makes money while the community remains poor and without development.

The song further points instances where Raila has only used Luos for self-gain. In the lyrics,

While Atomi Sifa doesn’t sing much in the song and being one of the most popular Luo musicians, the supporters of Raila have mostly directed their vile-laced attacks on him. He has been called names and told never to be seen anywhere in Luo Nyanza for criticising Raila.

In the song, Luka has told the Luo community that they are stuck on Raila like a lice on a dead dog or a tick on a dead cow. He goes ahead to ask if Raila is a dictator or a liberator.

The two musicians further points all the “developments” brought by Jubilee in the hard-hitting song.

Watch below;

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