Bongo star Mr. Nice has in the recent past only been in the news for the wrong reasons and while time and again he has vowed to reform and even start off efforts to do so, this has proved very difficult, if not impossible. Mr. Nice who is currently based in Mombasa, however seems to have done one thing right (or so we think). Mr. Nice recently shared pictures of his beautiful daughter who seems to be well over 20 and could as well be the Bongo star’s biggest pride at the moment.

Here are pictures that Mr. Nice shared.

However, Mr. Nice did not give much details of his daughter and when we tried to reach him, the number we have was unreachable. It is not clear whether she is fully Tanzanian or half Kenyan but from the look of things, these pictures were taken in Mombasa.

Mr. Nice was one of the biggest artists in the early 2000s, making it into all major chats in East Africa. Rumor has it however that he was full of pride and never bothered to invest anything back into his music business and soon after, his expensive lifestyle caught up with him and time had already gone past his side.

Mr. Nice now performs in small clubs in the Kenyan coast for survival money.

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