PHOTOS – Willy Paul And Bahati Brought Together By A Friend’s Funeral


Even in our families, happy and sad moments are some of the circumstances that play recipe to re-unions. These are the moments when we get to forgive even our diva cousins, gossiping aunties and basically anyone who you would not have forgiven in different circumstances. Death specifically has a way of bringing people together, however dreaded it is.

Yesterday, an unfortunate fare the well of a Mathare youth named Kennedy aka Ken managed to bring together two rivaling gospel musicians in the country. Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul and his ‘madredi’ brother Bahati, on Saturday, 17th 2016 dropped everything on their schedule, to head down to Mathare, where Kennedy was being laid to rest. For those of you in the dark, Bahati and Willy Paul are both from Mathare, and before they became enemies they were brothers from the same hood.

Although the two did not attend Ken’s burial as a ‘team’, their attendance and show of solidarity towards one of their own, melted hearts on social media. I mean, who knew the two antagonists could share some breathing space and stand each others’ presence.

‘’Joined my Home People #Mathare for a Burial of One of Us gone too Soon. #RipKennedy.’’ Bahati announced his journey to Mathare.

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Will Paul separately corroborated his attendance with ,’’We laid our friend to REST IN PEACE today’’, moments after the burial.

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