PHOTOS: The Sexy Ray C is Back


Life has a way of handing us lemons at some point, some handle it well some just break down. A couple of years back Ray C used to rule the airwaves all the way from Tanzania. Blessed with a great musical career and a body many admired she was once a big shot in the music industry.

All that talent went down the drain once she decided to indulge in substance abuse. She went from a 100 to a 10 pretty fast, her life took a complete turn but thanks to Family and friends she managed to go into rehab and re-evaluate her priorities.

After what seemed like a long fight with drug addiction Ray C has managed to emerge victorious. A few mean words here and there never stopped her especially when she gained a few pounds. Ray C hit the gym to regain her body and she looks sexy.

From the photos she ha been posting on social media,I think she might also be thinking of getting back into music.

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