PHOTOS – No More Beefs For Susumila And Chikuzee


Mombasa’s finest musicians Susumila and Chikuzee have finally squashed their longtime stand off if photos and videos currently doings rounds on social media are anything to go by. The artists, famed for their collabos ‘Hidaya’ and ‘Ngoma Itambae’ have not been seeing each other eye to eye after an alleged beef that gave birth to a war of words on social and mainstream media as they took to insulting each other.

The cause of their incessant beefs is not clear but they have stripped each other naked more than enough times. Chikuzee had accused Susumila of using witchcraft to thrive in music, allegations that were vehemently trashed by the accused who claimed the ‘Si Vibaya Kujuana’ star was only bitter because he (Susumila) was the only recognized musician from Coast. The singer also asked Chikuzee to keep off drugs since they were misleading him.

However, in a surprising but pleasing turn of events, the two singers recently shared a stage and even performed their songs together, an act that screamed nothing but peace. Susumila and Chikuzee hit the stage together at a recent event held at Kienyeji Joint in Malindi and drove their respective fans wild with a thrilling performance.

Susumila and Chikuzee’s re-union has left their fans happy lots as they look forward to great hits from the two,who are some of the biggest names from Mombasa as far as music is concerned.

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