Photos: Nairobi’s Upperhill Will Soon be Home to Africa’s Tallest Building at 66 Floors


Nairobi has had a good run with being one of the most beautiful cities in Africa from its early 1900 years. Now a business hub for most of the East and Central Africa, Nairobi also hosts the only game park in the entire world within a major city. That said and done, Nairobi is abuzz with growth with beautiful and mordern buildings coming up all around the city. The old city centre is slowly losing to the outskirts with Upperhill, Westlands and Hurlingham taking the lead in building the city’s premier skyscrapers.

Upperhill which currently is the leader with the tallest building finished, the UAP Plaza on Upperhill Road is set to be the host of yet another beauty, which has already began its way up, Hass Tower, which will stand at 66 floors, making it the tallest building in Africa, yes, the entire Africa. The current tallest building in Africa is the 50 floor Carlton Centre in Johannesburg.

Below are the artist impressions of the building and some images to show work already in progress!

13103416_10154227963819697_5372058071245858451_n 13178569_10154227963794697_3831721892294565406_n


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