PHOTOS – Meet Pesa Otas Hitmaker Vicmass Luo Dollar’s Sexy Light Skin Girlfriend


If there is anyone who has always given me reasons to believe in the work of God, otherwise known as miracles, it has to be Vicmass Luo Dollar. Vicmass became an instant national hit thanks to his massive club banger Pesa Otas, a jam which catapulted him to greater heights, as far as music and riches are concerned. From being a mere hawker to a national music phenomenon, the singer proved to the world that nothing is impossible under the sun.

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Today, the lad dines and wines with the crème de la crème of the society and the sky seems to be just the beginning for him as he takes on the path to worldwide superstardom. With money comes status and anything that a man can desire. Vicmass Luo Dollar corroborated the saying recently as he flaunted his pretty light skin girlfriend on social media. Since the turn of the New Year, the rapper’s social media pages have been awash with nothing but pictures of his lover, going by the name Lucy Manga.

The rapper who is currently riding high with his latest track ‘Simbe Adek’ introduced his other half to his fans and followers on social media in a very romantic post that screamed nothing but love.

” My other half. Am the lucky one,i stole her heart and ran away with it. Am counting on her. She knows there is no water in the desert. We can now take tea without sugar in 2017 and in future and we still okay. She is my cup of tea every morning,my pillow when i retire to bed, may GOD protect us.”Vicmass wrote.

Check her out below;

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