Diamond Platnumz is one of the biggest musicians across the Africa continent with his roots now extending to the international market.

Platnumz who is the CEO of Wasafi Recording Label is a star who can fully attribute his success to the music and make it count.

His success can be attributed to a number of factors among them, good management, recording label, Shows, Ambassador Roles among other deals.

However, his success story cannot be complete without mentioning the man who has been producing his music at WCB studios.

Lizer Classic is not a new name to the fans of Diamond Platnumz songs simply because he his name is always in every song produced at WCB.

Producer Lizer Classic

Lizer has been instrumental in Chibu Dangote’s success for producing outstanding songs that are always topping charts across the continent.

According to reports Diamond and Lizer met in Burundi where he was working back in the days and he liked his work.

When setting up his own studio, (Wasafi Classic Beiby) Diamond entitled Producer Lizer with his studio, and since then he has never disappointed Platnumz fans.

Branded the Magic Fingers, Lizer Classic has been in the production room for more than 11 years. His career as a producer started in Kigoma before crossing over to Burundi for greener pastures.

Meet Lizer Classic below;

Producer Lizer Classic
Producer Lizer Classic

Producer Lizer Classic


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