Gospel singer Hopekid is one of the many gospel artists that have the prettiest ex-lovers. The singer was dating fashion and beauty blogger Yvonne Orio untill 2016 when they broke up.

The ‘Pray for me‘ hitmaker and her Yvonne had trust issues that led to their break up. Yvonne accused Hopekid of cheating him with a close friend. And as expected the singer was dumped.

However, after all the accusations Hopekid refuted the claims and he even revealed that he was planning to propose to her come 2017.


Singer Hopekid, Yvonne’s former boyfriend

Yvonne has since moved on since the break up and we can conclude that she’s somebody’s baby mama and a happy wife.

Check out her photos below:

Orio with her daughter
Yvonne Orio Photo/Instagram
Hopekid’s ex lover Yvonne Orio
Yvonne Orio
Yvonne Orio



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