PHOTOS: Jalango’s Mum Cooks Him A Feast Fit For A King


Looks like mothers are the same all round. The minute you move out, they make sure to compensate for lost time each and every time you go to visit them. They will want you to eat everything that they cook for all the days you were away and she could not cook for you.

Comedian and radio presenter Jalangoo went down to his rural home to visit his mum and well, she had to compensate for lost time. She cooked him a meal that can comfortably feed around 5 to 10 men for just him and his two uncles.

Jalang’o shared photos of the feast with the caption,

“..see why my mother belives I don’t eat in Nairobi…she cooks like there is no tommorow…mountain of Kigali and chicken! The two gentlemen are my uncles”

Check out the photos below;

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