PHOTOS – Gun-Toting City Businessman Arrested For Misuse Of Firearm


A moneyed city businessman is currently cooling his heels at the Kilimani Police station after he was arrested for misuse of his firearm. This is not the first time Chris Obure is brushing with the law over the misuse of his firearm. The flamboyant businessman who is a licensed gun-holder has been accused of at least five cases involving misuse of his firearm, especially outside city entertainment spots.

Mr Chris Obure was arrested in Nairobi days after he was accused of threatening revelers with a gun outside B-Club in Nairobi. His arrest was confirmed by Kilimani OCPD Peter Kattam and numerous photos doing rounds on social media. According to a report(OB/9/31/12/2016) made at Kilimani police station, the incident happened last Friday when Mr Obure threatened to shoot a man at the Kilimani based wet hole. Mr Obure had double-packed his black Range Rover, blocking other revelers .All hell broke loose when he was called to move his car.

Instead of moving his car, irate Obure drew his gun and threatened to shoot two revelers who were at the scene. The businessman went ahead to smash the driver’s window of a silver Volkswagen Passat.

Barely 2 months ago, Obure was in yet another gun drama after he threatened to shoot Mr Alex Lwin at Klub House in Parklands but no action was taken against him.

Obure’s gun

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