PHOTOS: Former TV Girl Liz Ntonjira Finally Walks Down the Isle


Every womans dreams of that day she will get to put on a gown, walk down the isle and get married to the man of her dreams. Weddings have become such a big deal nowadays that some people tend to focus on it and forget about the marriage.

Former NTV presenter Liz Ntonjira had been waiting for her big day for the longest time after her husband poped the big question a few months ago. Liz has been sharing photos of her man on social media showering him with praises and love claiming how lucky she is to have him.

After what seemed like forever she finally got to marry the man she loves in a beautiful ceremony that went down this past Friday. Liz looked dashing in her white gown and the makeup done by Sunshine Balogun was to die for.

Congratulations to the newest couple in town and we wish them all the best in their new journey.


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