Drama and comedy ensued in the National Assembly on Tuesday after a strange black cat walked in during a session.

As usual the King and Queen of comedy, talking of Aden Duale and Millie Odhiambo were the stars of the comedy after the cat walked in.

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Majority leader, Aden Duale joked saying that the cat was in the bulding for oversight as a representative of a section of Kenyans.

This cat is representing a section of the people of Kenya and I think we should continue and I am sure if somebody says the house didn’t sit when the cameras are done no need to chase, they need to feed. This cat was here yesterday also, so we need to feed it and don’t play around with a black cat. I am sure the guys from the coast will tell us more,” said Duale.

Strange black cat in the parliament

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo on her side raised an issue that caught the attention of the temporary House speaker claiming that she is worried. She also suggested that a cleansing ceremony be done at the parliament buildings.

Honourable chair, I am worried that there is a stranger in the House,” said Millie.

Which stranger? Can you point out?, Wondered Jessica Mbalu.

That is actually what is worrying me Chair,” responded Millie,


Chair we are just hearing sounds of a cat and we cannot see it. That is more worrisome than when you see the cat because that could be a spirit. Which means that the House should be evacuated with immediate effect.”

Black cat walking into the parliament

She went on adding that;

“It is very worrisome that it is a black cat and the house needs to be evacuated. Chair. We need spiritual leaders for cleansing.”

Watch the video below;

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