PHOTOS – Check Out Wahu and Nameless All Grown Daughter Tumiso


Kenya’s celebrity couple David Mathenge alias Nameless and his wife Wahu are without a doubt one of the best couples around, having clocked more than 10 years in marriage. Apart from holding their positions as top Kenyan musicians, Nameless and Wahu also pride themselves for being parents to two beautiful souls, Tumiso who will be turning 10 in a few months and Nyakio who is barely 5.



The last time their eldest daughter Tumiso was in the limelight is when she featured in her mum’s video ‘Sweet Love’. Her parents have been keeping her off the public eye ever since as they try to keep their private lives on low key. However, Nameless recently shared a picture of Tumiso who is now all grown up and shares a striking resemblance with her mother, Wahu.

The young girl now looks exactly like her mother, from her smile to her features.Nameless shared a photo of Tumiso and her mum on Instagram.

Check her out below;


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