PHOTO – This Is Why A KQ Plane Was ‘Dumped’ In Ethiopia


Images of an abandoned A KQ Plane Boeing 707-315B has emerged. The plane which is the property of Kenya Airways has been collecting dust and rust at the Addis Ababa-Bole Airport for the past 28 years and there are no signs of the owners reclaiming, rather collecting it from the neighboring country’s airport. A photo that has fast gone viral on social media shows the aircraft in a very sorry and irredeemable state.

Well, according to reports published on the Aviation Safety net database platform, the shamble of a KQ plane was dumped at the Ethiopian airport after it suffered damage beyond repair. More reports intimate that the plane found its way to Addis Ababa after its landing gear failed to retract. It brakes failed after touchdown as the Boeing overran the wet runway.

At the time of the unfortunate incident, the plane had a total of 66 passengers and 10 crew members, bringing its total occupants to 76.


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