PHOTO: Shaffie Weru Introduces His Son


Bad boy Shaffie Weru AKA the Raverend introduced his son last week to the surprise of many. For the longest time we have only known Shaffie has two baby girls so when he introduced his son many doubted at first.

The Kiss 100 breakfast show presenter and his ex and former Tatuu singer Debbie have a beautiful teenage daughter. Shaffie also sired a girl who just turned 3 with his current wife Joan. He threw a mega party for his princess over the weekend to celebrate her special day surrounded by close family and friends including his son.

He uploaded these photo below his small family they took during the birthday party captioned¬†“The Raverends Lafamilia only BabyMilan missing in action”¬†

So now that we know he has a son question is who is the mom?


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