Davis Mwambili, popularly known as Inspekta Mwala has been one of the most prolific names on Kenyan TV, having featured in KBC classics, Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi for many years. When Citizen TV started, Davis got a chance of a lifetime to kick off his own show. It is still one of the most popular local productions at Citizen TV.

Davis however is very private and little is known about his family. Well, today, we introduce to you his eldest daughter, who also turns 24 today!

Here is a picture of Inspekta Mwala’s 24 year old daughter, join us in wishing her a happy birthday! May she live to achieve all her dreams!

Inspekta Mwala and his 24 year old  Daughter
Inspekta Mwala and his 24 year old Daughter



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