PHOTO: Marya Slays in Her Recent Baby Bump Shoot


Motherhood has got to be the best and most fulfilling thing in this World. Nothing compares to what women go through their pregnancy stage, the swollen legs, cravings, morning sickness and much more  prepares us for that moment we bring another being into the world.

Yesterday we got to share adorable photos of  Chokoza singer Marya holding her baby bump next to her boyfriend  Kevin. Today she decided to give her followers a sneek peek of her baby bump shoot and honestly she killed it. Marya brought her A game on in an all black ensemble, trousers, heels and a coat. She made sure to leave out just little for the imagination including her bump.

Marya managed to keep her pregnancy private all this time and judging from the photo she must be like 6-7 months pregnant. She sure does look amazing huh?


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