PHOTO: Kathy Kiuna Enjoys Some Quality Time With Her Handsome Son


Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are the coolest parents ever! They lead by example showing their massive following that it is possible to be a new generation parent and bring up morally upright children.

The couple has been blessed with three children, two girls Vanessa Kovac first born, Stephanie and a boy Jeremy.  Allan and Kathy Kiuna’s only son is a true miracle baby and was born with cerebral palsy something he seems to tackle pretty well with his family’s support.

Jeremy who lives in the states underwent a surgery to enable him to walk about a year ago and is still recovering. He visits his folks every often and his mum looked ecstatic to hang out with him most recently. Kathy Kiuna shared a photo with her all grown son with the caption,

“Guess who’s with mama. I’m over the moon. This boy makes my day. I love him with all my heart”

Check out the photo of mother and son below;

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