PHOTO: Fena Gitu Steps Out in a Bikini

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu or as most call her Fena is a young Kenyan  artists whos style of music is somewhat dfferent and unique from most of what Kenyan female musicians give us.

The singer and song writer has grown over the yers to become a well known and respected artist performing in various events in and around East Africa. To most Fena comes off a this laid back kind of a young lady with a tomboyish kinda look.

Her fashion sense is that of a more conservative person and its always almost impossible to ever bump into her dressed up. this past weekend she posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini ready for a swim attracting a lot of attention especially from team mafisi.

Never did we think this day would come but honestly I think she really looks hot and should start doing more dresses. Underneath all those baggy tshirts and sweaters she wears is a great curvy body. Fna is currently ruling the charts with her new song ‘Sema Ng’we’


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