Papa Shirandula’s Kawira Impresses Kenyans With Motivating Message


Actor Papa Shirandula’s Kawira recently took to social media to leave a message for Kenyans and left many not only motivated but also impressed.

The Popular Citizen TV actor sent an encouraging message to Kenyans telling them to never compare themselves to anyone since life offers different challenges to everyone.

Here is the message:

“If a rose smells better than cabbage, it doesn’t mean the rose can make a better stew,” said the actor on Facebook.

“Don’t try to compare yourself too much to others. You also have your own strength, search on it and build on it. You may make better stew than they think. Smile always.”

“All animals that exist, were in Noah’s ark. A snail is one of those animals. If god could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah’s ark; his door of grace won’t close till you reach your expected position in life.

“Never look down on yourself, keep looking up. Broken crayons still colors. Have a blessed moment ahead and color up,” posted kawira.

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